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Originally Posted by DavidJCobb View Post
I know this post is old, but I can at least describe the nature of the problem: the game reloads the OW palettes when you exit menus, and the hack apparently doesn't touch that reloading routine. The result is that the palettes (and possibly even tile animations, judging by what happens to your ice) for the "default" season are loaded. The same problem exists in JPAN's hacked engine, when using the "extended" palettes for his OW mods.
We could locate the routine and add a
#org @main
bl @check
        'actual routine etc.

#org @check
ldr r0, [pc, 0x10]
ldr r0, [r0]
cmp r0, 0 'or default number
beq [pc, 0x4]
b        '(go to modified routine, however that's done)
b        '(return to main)
#dword etc. 'status byte
somewhere near the beginning, and then we could force it to reload the right ones that way.

The modified routine would just be the same routine, but loads the right pallets. I don't even think it has to be a different routine, just different addresses for each season.

However, with the routine being "sandwiched" in between all the other stuff...a repoint wouldn't hurt though, right?
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