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I dunno but I felt really foreign in other regions,, sure I've visited them a lot but they've never felt like "home". Unova, however... there's something about how the characters were designed, or how the cities were set up, everything just feels tight-knit there, and I know basically everything there, as opposed to other regions where I can't really remember. It might also be because it was the most recent but I definitely did feel better in Unova than I did in Johto with the recent remakes.

However, as for your post, I don't think Unova is really souless. I think there's a lot about it that gives it "life", whether it actually be the storyline or the fact that the characters got along so well together... it's just so welcoming!

This region is my region and I love it and if I have my way I'm gunna stay here for life, for life, for life.
^ I just happened to be listening to it okay!

Either way as I said before, wonderful thread idea Kip. 10/10 for you!

It sucks that only a few of us are residents. :(

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