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Originally Posted by Conaire View Post
I know they were trying to balance White and Black, and make them possibly more balanced between each other.
Sorta relevant, but that makes me think back to when they were first announced. People here thought of White City as the better thing because "oh yeah POKEMON WE CAN'T OTHERWISE OBTAIN", while now everyone notices there's the Dream World, migration, etc, so it's not so much of an issue. And in a game that lacks much of a post-game, battling extra trainers other than in the Nimbasa Sport Domes is something appealing to people. Weird though, Black seems to be the most popular on this forum even while initially they thought that way. Thinking about it, White is kinda better for those without wifi but have friends with the opposite game, while Black is better for those with wifi but no friends playing the opposite game (aka which makes the two more useful). On that note, I wonder if Black is actually so popular here because of the fact that we all have wifi etc so the extra Pokemon found in White Forest doesn't appeal to us so much. Interesting to think about imo.

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