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    I propose an alteration to the way encounters are defined. At present, we are given a list of predetermined percentages to which we can assign Pokemon and their levels. I think it would be more user friendly and certainly much more efficient to have users able to add as many or as few lines as they like, adding an extra variable for the percentage then including an error check to determine if the total encounter percentages equal 100. For example:

    Route 1

    Where the values are, in order, Internal Name, Minimum Level, Maximum Level, and Encounter Rate (Percent). Thoughts?

    Edit: I almost forgot, if it's not already possible can the ability to assign a map to more than one "tile" on the town map be included? Something in the vein of Jubilife City is inappropriate to assign just one map tile to. Separating the maps into one "tile" pieces is also a very large inconvenience that may affect user's ability to event scenes and what not. As an extension of that, is it possible to put the "player is here" icon on the map in a specific one of those multiple tiles based on where in the map they are? Thanks for your consideration.
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