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    Originally Posted by quilzel View Post
    Username: quilzel
    Gender: ♂
    Partner: Hiro (pronounced hero, was the name of my in game Buizel )
    Partner Details: Typical Builzel that loves hanging out with his human (me). Likes to be lazy, but also likes to play. I tend to think of the way a Builzel would act the same way my pet ferret acts. The best way to describe that would be that "Ferrets have two modes, off, and way on" (not my vid, but you get the idea of 'way on'
    Your opinion on Buizel/Floatzel: OMG TEH SO CUTE!!!!!111

    In all honestly, they really are cute, I was never a fan of the color orange, but somehow it just works with Buizel. They have a good move pool, and great attack and speed, too bad they are a house of cards when it comes to defense. t-t
    Welcome to the group quilzel, I hope you have fun!
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