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    Sex as an act needs to be taught and approached with an air of maturity, but the action itself shouldn't be encouraged by anyone to young to deal with the potential consequences of it. (STD's, Pregnancy) By Hiding the sexual acts kids and teens might encounter, they would then approach them without knowledge of how to do it safely- so I don't think hiding it is a good thing. But I don't agree with 13 year olds getting it on either.

    I find each country takes it differently as well. In Brittan and to a lesser extent, Canada, sex and nudity isn't as taboo. Sex is talked about and taught in schools as early as elementary level (I was given sex Ed at grade 4!) and safe sex was encouraged over all else. But in the US it seems that kids are just told about the science behind it, then told not to do it. Period. That seems like asking for trouble to me.

    I don't feel that sexual acts between two consenting adults should be shameful though. Everyone has sexual urges and it's a natural part of our body and mind.
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