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Hi, welcome to all new members! :) MilktankRancher was right on the quiz, shiny Grimer certainly is green! And I'm loving all the praising of Crobat, it truly is a great Pokemon! I never got round to watching that series of the anime, but it sounds a lot like Brock's Croagunk whom I utterly adore! <3 As for my favourite Poison type, it's a mixture between Grimer, Muk and Amoonguss. Grimer is my favourite based on the Pokemon itself, but once you get into battle Muk and Amoonguss really shine! With some incredibly unique strategies, these Pokemon really help define Poison types for me. They're an absolute pleasure to use and always leave your enemies guessing; this signifies a great Pokemon in my books!

A new trivia question is up!: How many Poison Pokemon evolve via an evolutionary stone?