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    Originally Posted by Sector Revenge View Post
    Welcome to Junie & C8 to the club!

    We have officially reached 20 members, looking to sign up a Co-Owner to be active during the day. I will only be on during late nights for a while. I am looking for anyone who will be dedicated to post and interact with others with respect and can come up with Topic Questions/Discussions while no one else can.

    To the conversation to Miltank & Xulek's, Moltres has been my favorite bird of the trio. Go Moltres!!

    Kaori I feel you for the 3rd eye. Guess that goes to say Jirachi is better without it, but it'd look weird without the line there now that we're used to it, ya know?

    Underworld9)- Genesect. I have no idea what to think about the guy. I mean, Reshiram's Blue Flare or Victini's V-Create on Genesect....goner? lol I'm not sure what to think about it though. I think it's one of those Generation 5 re-create from Generation 1 to Mewtwo to be honest. (You know, like Golbat/Swoobat, Emogla/Pikachu, etc). I've been a huge Mewtwo fan from the start..I just don't know what to say about Genesect really.

    I like Keldeo better of the three, and Meloetta definitely suits this dancer I know perfectly well xD

    New Topic:
    An interesting discussion back in the Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald days. Who would you prefer to use, Groudon vs Kyogre?
    Groudon. Definitely. It can beat the living daylights out of any Pokemon with the proper stats using Fire Blast, Eruption, Earthquake, and Solar Beam, anytime, anyday. :3

    Anyway... story timez

    Dragon456 approaches Sector Revenge, running towards him. Beside Sector Revenge's shoulder is his Mew. They were both standing in a large battleground. Each corner had a giant pillar with weird ancient text on it.

    "Excuse me, sir, you're Sector Revenge, right?" dragon456 asked.

    "Oh hello there! Welcome! Are you here to regist-- oh hey, that's Arceus!" Sector Revenge explained, looking behind dragon456.

    "Oh, right, yeah! Arceus, say hi!" dragon456 replied.

    Arceus remained ever so silent, while its majestic mane continues to grow brighter.

    "So you probably came to join, yes?" Sector Revenge asked.

    "That's right!" came the reply.

    "Well, it looks pretty strong. But first things first. This place is only for the toughest of legends, for the best of the best. And in order to prove that, you're gonna have to do battle with me," Sector Revenge explained.

    "What? Ba-- Battle?" but dragon456 replied, his mouth unable to grope for more words.

    "What's wrong? You aren't scared, are you? We're standing on a battleground after all. And you do want to join, right?"

    "I really want to join! And I'm not scared, it's just--"

    "Well, come on, then! Prove to me your skill! Unless you're not strong enough, that is."

    "What?! No one calls me weak!" dragon456 replied, moving to his position in the battlefield. Arceus was called back in its Master Ball.

    "Alright! That's the spirit!" Sector Revenge calmly replied as he moved towards his corner as well.

    "Okay. This is going to be a three-on-three Pokemon battle! Whoever knocks out two Pokemon is the victor." Sector Revenge explained.

    "Th- Three on three? Ummm..." dragon456 stared at the Master Ball containing Arceus and at the same time gulped.

    "I choose you, Latias!" Sector Revenge called out.

    "Infernape, I choose you" dragon456 gulped.

    Όφις ην μη φάγη όφιν, δράκων ου γενήσεται.