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    I'd like to oppose an infraction I was given for the Stepmania thread in the Video Gaming forum. I didn't know how else to go about this.

    Though it was a dead thread it was dead for 3 years, and what I had posted was a HUGE update in the Stepmania community. The client we use now is very different than any older client, the songpacks people have created are in a bigger abundance. Even Stepmania Online had died and Stepmania took over as the main site and server, with an upgrade to the server as well.

    Stepmania isn't like Halo, for example. You can post Halo 2 as a thread, and when a new Halo comes out you're posting a Halo 3 thread. Rather than post Stepmania 5 or The New Stepmania Online I felt it was better to search for a thread if it existed. I found it and decided to bump that one with all the new significant changes in the Stepmania gameplay.

    I avoided a duplicate thread, I posted information to a new client (AKA a new game) and I simply added a lot more info. I'm only trying to see if there are others who might play the same free rhythm game I enjoy, I doubt the userbase 3 years ago matches the one you have now.

    Thanks, no offenses intended.

    Edit: I looked over the rules and found this:

    "A thread that has not been posted in for more than a month (generally around 30 days) is considered “old”. Please do not revive old threads. For restarting topics, create a new thread. Exceptions do apply in certain forums."

    This was a mistake on my part. I'm used to searching the thread and making sure it doesn't exist to avoid duplicate threads. It's just a habit on my part for forum etiquette. I'll create a new thread for it then, but I'm hoping you can pardon the infraction, it wasn't intentional and out of respect for the duplicate thread system.

    I'm still getting used to this forum's rules it seems.
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