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Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
Hi, welcome to all new members! Have a great stay here ^^

Yup, that's right! Which is your favourite of those? :D Mine's Roserade, love it <3

YES HAHA. I agree with this completely! I think its the eyes D: And lips. xD But it can be cute!

Let's have a new topic and trivia...

New topic: 'Which is your favourite of the mono-poison type 'blob' families?'

Basically this includes Grimer/Muk, Gulpin/Swalot and Trubbish/Garbodor ^^ Personally my favourites and Grimer & Muk because Grimer is such an awesome Pokemon in almost every way, and then Muk makes up for Grimer's weaknesses by being kick-ass good in battle! Garbodor is also quite a strong contender for me, but its stats and moves just aren't good enough. D:
Definately gulpin or swalot, simply because of their personalties. Muk too is yes great in battle, since Koga's in HG gave me some trouble, even my Level 70 typhlosion's eruption couldn't get rid of it one turn. :3 Aaand, its ability to use minimise was soo annoying yet quite sneaky.
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