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    Gladius Clipeum

    Gladius finished his food with much gusto. It's been a long time since he ate proper food, living only with the rubbery strips of meat he found still hidden among the Liberty Ruins. The thought of the lost gold Tribe members still lingered on his mind, but he pushed it away to the back of his mind. He need energy to survive another day, and deal the final blow to the Silver Tribe and all its heinous crimes.

    He chatted with the Alpha Alliance members beside him after he stopped eating. From them, he knew how Belas managed to summon all of them from hiding and gather on this point. For another instance, Gladius felt admiration for the General's wits and leadership. A true General, Belas is.

    "Noble Gold Tribe members, I invite you to sleep and perform any other preparations you need for the time being. Tomorrow, we go over the war plan, and then we ride to war," Belas said. Gladius felt his inside stir. He knew war was upon them, but the day after their arrival? He clearly didn't expect it. But a Gold Tribe member's life is full of surprises. He always needs to be prepared. He stood up, his belly very full from the lavish feast Belas prepared for the members. He saw Vigil and Belas conversing. The golden Bisharp seemed to take on the role of a leader, but Gladius is not against it. He knew Vigil have the makings to revive the tribe. He knew it. He left them in search of a spare cot. He found himself lying between an already sleeping Ninjask, and a snoring Hitmonchan. Gladius could not still sleep. Tomorrow, if all goes well, they will regain their former glory. He needs to do well tomorrow. Gladius rested, and closed his eyes.

    In his dream, all he saw is chaos.

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