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Originally Posted by Avishka View Post
Which Poison Pokemon do you find cutest?
Foongus,budew and Venonat

Oh wow, I never knew Venonat could be so cute! That Budew though... NYAAAHHHH <333333333

Originally Posted by d4rka8isz View Post
Name: d4rka8isz
Partner Pokemon: Roserade
Reason for joining: Poison type Pokemon intrigue me deeply. My favorite aspect of them is how they can poison opponents with almost any move. I may not find them as useful as say the water type in battles, but they still are one of my favorite types.

I think bulbasaur is the cutest.

Too cute!
Hi, welcome to the club! That is an incredibly cute Bulbasaur picture, love it. xD

Originally Posted by miltankRancher View Post
hi there d4rka8isz! welcome to the club!

I may not quite agree with you in saying that Poison type is not as useful as water types. each type has their won niche to fill in, and it is like saying that a hammer is not as useful as a wrench. Water types are good at what they do, mostly sweeping and such, but poison types, who specializes in status ailments, confusions, and such, and they do well in it. :)

I will be posting up a new topic tomorrow. I will let these topic slide down first. Feel free to defend. :)

as for the quiz, Scolipede wins with a 200 kg weight.

a userbar! it is jerky so sorry. couldn't fix it anymore. and i could not find appropriate gen V pics, so sorry. Anyway, FYI, this is a hundred frames with each frame at 500 ms. :)

You're right on the question! And great new user bar, love it! It has been added to the front page. ^^

New topic: 'Which Pokemon do you think should be Poison type that aren't?'