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Originally Posted by robosllim View Post
In regards to my previous questions, I have new info and more questions.

After finally figuring out specific examples, it turns out trainers using bad items shouldn't have any items assigned to them. A trainer used a GREEN SHARD to try to cure paralysis, but her item slots in A-Trainer are all empty.

So, new questions: is there some flag, or some... byte somewhere or something that tells a trainer how/when to use items? I tried setting up a debug situation where a certain trainer had a bunch of status healing items attached to him, but when I hit his pokes with poison, burn, or paralysis, he didn't use any of them. So how does the game know a trainer should or shouldn't use items?

It should be noted that I have searched for an answer but can't seem to find it...

Try changing his AI to a higher number. If you want to tell a trainer how/when to use items, you gotta ASM

Originally Posted by SKRoy View Post
Yesterday I posed in the 'Progressing Hacks' sector my new progressing hack: Pokémon Mystery Version. After I post it I got the message that the post must properly approved by a moderator. But now I looked and it still isn't there... When will my topic be there?
Did it meet the requirements? did it have 4 screenshots showing your progression?