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Originally Posted by SnorlaxFTW View Post
Yea, it generally depends on my team. Usually i have a fire type (My fave type) so Brock was always a trouble for me.....
Side Note: Try playing nuzlocke with Charmander in R/B/Y
IMPOSSIBLE :cer_pissed:
I see your point. I played Firered with Squirtle, so Brock was quite easy.

I think at least the 1st pokemon gym of every game should be of a type that is neutral to all 3 starters. Yes, if the gym is of a biased type, it lets you modify the game's difficulty by choosing different starters. But most people just want to use the starter they like, and I think they should all be provided with an equal challenge . So I think the 1st gym of a game should be of Normal, Fighting, Dark, etc types, types which are not exceptionally weak or strong against a particular starter.
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