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    Originally Posted by deoxys121 View Post
    I've said this before. But, now that we have a new thread, I'll put the idea. What I think they should do is make it for the DS, but make it "3DS enhanced." When you play it on the 3DS, it would have more bonus features, and perhaps even access to more Pokemon. This would be similar to how Pokemon Yellow had enhanced graphics for GameBoy Color, but it was fully compatible with the regular GameBoy for those who didn't yet have a GameBoy Color. If they make Gray "3DS enhanced," it will appeal to both those who already got a 3DS, and those who only have a DS. Personally, I'll have a 3DS in probably a couple weeks, but I know how it is to not be able to afford the new system.
    I was thinking the same before but now I know it doesn't make sense.
    Difference between DS and 3DS is huge comparing to one between GB and GBC.
    DS and 3DS have similar designs but they are completely "two different worlds" in case of programming. Grey and R/S remakes must be decided to be made only for one console - DS or 3DS because they are very different systems.
    Adding "3DS enhanced" elements into DS game would require reprogramming the whole game into 3DS system. And that doesn't seem likely they would put that much effort just to add some "3DS enhanced" details.
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