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Originally Posted by XEL View Post
Good to see some support :)
Love the banner Karpman. Thanks for making it. As I said, I've done some resizing. You can see it in the first post :)

Anyways, since many people have said they support the idea, even if they haven't voted in the poll, I'm just gonna use this thread as essentially an idea thread, updating the first post as we go.

I was going to post some ideas I had btu seeing as it's late I'll just post them tomorrow :P


So, if you've read through the whole post, then you'll have realized I mentioned the "Gamemaker" a few times. What the Gamemaker is, basically, is the person who is running the current Games taking place, in particular. They're job is simple. Record battles, fainted Pokemon, etc. In the HG series, the Gamemakers (they have a council instead of just one) can create natural disasters, among other things, to force players out of hiding positions into battle if they deemed the game to be moving too slow. Similarly, the Gamemaker for us can match of players themselves if them feel that no one is battling. How they match up players is completely up to them. They can use a random generating system, or pit players against each other intentionally. I plan to be Gamemaker for at least the first two games. The first one to get the ball rolling, and the second to kind of get the whole Mentors and points and gifts system in order. After that I may or may not continue being Gamemaker, depending on if anyone else wants to give it a go.

I should also add that the Gamemaker cannot also be a player in the games.

But anyways, I need help with an aspect of the tournament. Should the Pools of the players just be placed in the thread? IT allows for easier management, but at the same time, other players can see them. Perhaps we can do something like keep them hidden until everyones made their Pool? That way, no one can specifically target the weaknesses of others.

Another thing I thought about possibly implementing is the "Arena" system. In the HG series, players are put in special arenas created for the Games themselves. The weather and conditions in these arenas change with each Games. I thought perhaps every now and then we could have rules on which weather system is allowed to be used during the Games. If we do, do this, I thought that maybe for a battle or two, a player would be given a neutral pokemon that can cast permanent weather. No matter if the weather caster dies or lives in battle, the player cannot use it again. It's as the name suggests, a neutral Pokemon. The Gamemaker basically says, hey put this guy on your team for this one fight. Thoughts?
Well when I hosted survival, I just organized everything in a word document. That being said, I'm against putting the pools of players in a thread, since it really won't be fair and everyone will try to counterteam each other as best they can. The 'Arena' thing sounds cool, although I imagine most players would already have a weather starter, so perhaps you could only allow a certain type of weather instead?

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