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    Name: Char
    Age: 11
    Gender: female
    Pokemon DNA/Gas infused: Charmander
    Appearence: she was a Charmander, but she was forced to evolve in to a charizard. She has a long charizard tail, wings and muzzle. Her Chest is an iron plate.
    Personality: strong, caring, sometimes irritable
    History: umm... Well she was found as a child and tested on.
    Weaponary: swords, whips, anything is good.
    Ability: She lost her ability when she evolved, but she is still a wicked cool fire type :D
    Moves: Flame thrower, Bite, and eruption
    Rebel?: yup
    Other: ooc: I can't come on when I have school. Srry.[/SIZE]

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