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Originally Posted by Patchisou Yutohru View Post
It seems weird that they would consider not having it on the DS since they've never switched to a new platform at the middle of a generation. They usually save that for every other generation.
Why should this mean there's a pattern set in stone? They've been releasing games every couple of years for a long time, and that just happened to coincide with how often Nintendo's been releasing new systems - until now. The DS was around for just enough time that BW could be developed and released a few months before the 3DS came to market. Now that the 3DS is out, Game Freak have no obligation to continue developing for DS - they didn't waste any time taking the work they had done on "Pocket Monsters 2" and recreating it for the Game Boy Colour release of Gold and Silver.

Crystal was designed to be exclusively playable on Game Boy Colour. Isn't that enough evidence that they're more than willing to cut support for an older family of consoles, if there's a benefit to be gained from the new technology?

It's time to move on, because Nintendo sure has.

Originally Posted by deoxys121 View Post
I've said this before. But, now that we have a new thread, I'll put the idea. What I think they should do is make it for the DS, but make it "3DS enhanced."
This is impossible. It's been nearly two years since the 3DS was first announced, and Nintendo have never once said that DS games can be '3DS enhanced'.
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