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Originally Posted by redo View Post
Hi, I'm new at scripting and on this community page. As far as i've read the threads and posting I'm very impressed about the knowledge and abilities in scripting. Well, but im posting because my script(s) don't work.

I use AM 1.92 and the latest XSE version. I'm hacking the german 1.0 Version of Ruby. I designed a giveitem with flag, a givepokemon with flag, a wildbattle script with flag and setmaptile, one trainerbattle and two warps. I deleted all former header scripts from my map so that there is none in the header. As long as i don't leave the map everything works fine. But after I leave and get back and after a wildbattle in the gras my sprite won't move, but I somehow move the camera and can even get to wildpokemon battles. It's really creepy. When I somehow accomplish to leave the map again then I can move my sprite again. I Hope someone can help.


'--------------- #org 0x801849 checkflag 0x200 if 0x1 goto 0x8801864 giveitem 0x35 0x1 MSG_OBTAIN setflag 0x200 release end

'--------------- #org 0x801864 msgbox 0x880186F MSG_NORMAL '"Hier ist sonst nichts." release end

Check if any scripts already use flag 0x200.

'--------------- #org 0x80116D lock faceplayer checkflag 0x800 if 0x1 goto 0x8800E2C msgbox 0x8800E37 MSG_YESNO '"Hallo.\nIch habe keine Lust\nmehr ..." compare LASTRESULT 0x1 if 0x1 goto 0x8800DE8 msgbox 0x8800E9A MSG_NORMAL '"Schade.\pDann setze ich es\neben a..." release end

'--------------- #org 0x800E2C msgbox 0x8800F45 MSG_NORMAL '"Ist GLUMANDA stärker\ngeworden?" release end

'--------------- #org 0x800DE8 givepokemon 0x4 0xA 0x0 0x0 0x0 0x0 fanfare 0x13E msgbox 0x8800ECD MSG_KEEPOPEN '"[red_rs]Du erhälst GLUMANDA!" waitfanfare closeonkeypress setflag 0x800 msgbox 0x8800EED MSG_YESNO '"[red_rs]Möchtest du GLUMANDA\neine..." compare LASTRESULT 0x1 if 0x1 call 0x8000004 msgbox 0x8800F23 MSG_NORMAL '"Trainiere ihn gut!" release end

'--------------- #org 0x4 cmd24 0x6951AEFF

Okay, why would you use address 4? That's part of the header, and the Game won't work if you mess with it.

Also, nicknaming a Pokémon is a special command. Look at BIRCH in his lab for the exact special.


'--------------- #org 0x8016D6 checkflag 0x500 if 0x1 goto 0x880170F msgbox 0x8801669 MSG_NORMAL '"MOGELBAUM: ?!" cry 0xB9 0x0 wildbattle 0xB9 0xA 0x8B fadescreen 0x1 fadescreen 0x0 setflag 0x500 setmaptile 0x16 0x26 0x119 0x0 setmaptile 0x16 0x27 0x121 0x0 special 0x8E end

'--------------- #org 0x80170F end

That should work.

#org 0x8017C8 trainerbattle 0x0 0x267 0x0 0x88017E1 0x88017F8 msgbox 0x8801811 MSG_NORMAL '"Meine Pikachus können\nim Dunkel..." release end

You should replace the first 0x0 with 0x3.

Originally Posted by daniel80000 View Post
Game: FireRed
Type: Person
Editor: XSE or Pksvui (whichever one is better)
Trying to make person upgrade you pokedex after you get it. Sorry if there are a lot of errors, I'm brand new to hacking lol

#org 0x800000
checkflag 0x10A
if 1 jump 0x820000
special 0x16F
setflag 0x10A
fanfare 0x13E
msgbox 0x8810000
callstd 0x6

#org 0x820000 msgbox 0x8800070 callstd 0x6 release end

#org 0x8810000 = Hey! You got a POKéDEX from PROF.\nOAK didn't you?\pHe likes to cheap out sometimes and\lnot get all the upgrades for it.\pLucky for you, I've got one you\lcan have!

#org 0x8800070 = If your wondering why I just gave\nthis to you,\pI have a good feeling that you will\lgo far in the future.\pDon't make a liar out of me!

All mistakes marked in bold and highlighted.


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