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    This sounds cool!

    Name: Most pokémon call her Kara

    Age: 14

    Gender: Female

    Pokemon DNA/Gas infused: Umbreon

    Appearence: Since she was forced to evolve into Umbreon from Eevee, and something went clearly wrong, she still has as much fur as Eevee but has the colours of Umbreon. Unlike other Umbreon, she has blue eyes with a bit of green in it. Her ears are gigantic and fluffy, but without the rings. The only ring she has, the one on her head, shines a bright blue. She also has awesomely great fangs, which she can perform wicked bites with.

    Personality: Kara is kind but easily scared and not very brave. Her intense fear often results in executing great attacks with power. Kara takes pride in her unique appearance, unless others make bad remarks about it. She then becomes very sad and doesn't want anything. She has created the ability to run extremely fast and loves to do so.

    Weaponary: She uses her fangs

    Ability: Run Away

    Moves: (Unlimited, just name the most important ones/ ones which cannot be forgot (eg, Sawsbuck with Horn Leech.))

    Rebel?: Yes! But because she's scared so easily, she often forgets she is.
    Oh how much I'd love to have a Flygon >.
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