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    (Teehee I can do that too, and I'm no psychic!)

    Kara hears some movement. She yelps and waits for a second, whimpering. Nothing happens. "He's gone." she sighs in relief. She turns around and sneaks away again, her tail between her hind legs. She then starts running, faster and faster, just to get away. If they decide to come after her, it's just a matter of time before they find her, so the best thing she can do is run. Why is this outside world so cruel and scary? If she'd knew that, it'd take away her complete confusion.

    "Hey! You!!!" Ursaring yells. "Mom, don't do that! She's way too strong!" Teddiursa cries. "Honey, I'd better take that thing down before she hurts you!" Ursaring growls. "Okay mommy..." Teddiursa squeaks. Kara hears the Ursaring storming for her, yelps and leaps off. Ursaring slowly catches up, and when Kara trips over due to the pain in her neck, the Ursaring grabs and lifts her. Kara starts whimpering before letting out a frightened scream. "KYAAAAAA!!!"
    Oh how much I'd love to have a Flygon >.
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