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    "What on earth are you?!" Kara shrieks. She looks around. "Are you going to be fine?" Without waiting for an answer, she does something that she'd never do out of herself. If she won't, Ursaring will kill her rescuer. She bolts towards the Teddiursa, grabs it, and holds her claw against the poor baby's throat. "Ursaring!" she shouts. "Calm down, otherwise this youngster is done for." she is trembling. "Honey!" Ursaring cries out. Her muscles tighten. "Let my baby go!" "No, calm down first." Kara growls. "O-okay... But let Honey go then!" Ursaring whimpers. "Okay." Kara removes her claw from the baby's throat. The toddler immediately rushes towards his mother. "I'm going to take revenge on you, you little *****."
    "Whoa," Kara spreads her eyes out wide, "that's a wide vocabulary. Thank you, ehm... What's your name?"
    Oh how much I'd love to have a Flygon >.
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