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    (OOC: If I can join, since I edited my SU, this would be my first post)

    Char flew over the forest. Her wings ached from the long flight. She had to find a place to stay, a place to hide. Then, out of nowhere, she heard a scream. "KYAAAAAAA!" That scream caused her to crash into a tree. "Darn it!" Char started running towards the yelp.

    A few minuets later, she came across a Urisang holding what seemed to be a eevee... Or was it an Umbreon? Whatever it was, she was not to let it die. With a puff of smoke she said, "You leave it alone, and battle me ok?"Then, what seemed to be a ferroseed leaped out. "What the-?" She just stared. The the other Umbreon creature grabbed the teddiusa, and held a claw to its neck. She just stood watching.
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