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    Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
    I'm wondering if its time for a new topic? Most members have answered the current ones. :p

    New topic: 'Which Grass type Pokemon do you find scariest?'

    I think for me its a hard choice between Scyther and Victreebell... Although I suppose the Bellsprout family aren't renowned for their speed so it might not be all that hard to outrun one of them! Scyther on the other hand would hunt you down and... *shudders* This picture ain't for the faint of heart ;p


    Edit: D'oh, Sycther's not grass. xD But it should be ;D
    I would also have to agree with Cradily on this one. I just can't help but the eyes. I would go with Ferrothorn...yet I can't see myself to get myself scared by it as much as Cradily.

    Originally Posted by Curious. View Post
    That is true Twiggy, with a few design adjustments you can turn literally any pokemon scary. x(

    Alright new topic.

    If you had the option to change one non-grass type into a grass type, what would it be? (And a twist If you could change a grass type into another type, what would that Pokemon be?

    Hmm...that's quite hard. I would have to say that Ferrothorn seems more of a dark type than grass, so that takes my vote. As for who should be grass..I really can't say.