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    Originally Posted by miltankRancher View Post
    Power's only one thing. if that is what we are talking about, then I guess Zapdos and Articuno is tied. But, appearance also count for me, that is why I never felt any love for Articuno.
    Flexibility also counts too when it comes to movesets, for Articuno I prefer a double screens set with Fly and Ice Beam to use offensively along with being a psuedo HM slave with the former offensive move there, for Zapdos I'd just spam Thunderbolt in all honesty lol. Looks wise they tie pretty easily though IMO.

    Back now BTW.

    With the convo regarding Kyogre and Groudon I'd have to go with Groudon since I'm used to playing with it more and it's a tad better as a team player if I do say so myself, Kyogre's just so simple yet so stupidly strong though so in the end I like em both overall lol.