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I have a problem, I've beaten the elite four twice, have all 16 badges, and i've beaten Red... I am ready to go to the orange islands now but I dont know what to do now... Axel called me and told me something when I went to the tower in Vermillion City, but I was too tired to even read it.
I tried going to Oak but all he does is look at the poke dex... if anyone has any idea how to get the pass stamped please tell me I've also already been to the undersea express and they keep telling me "you can ride when you get the pass stamped" and everyone in the vermillion city tower says all the same things as they did before i talked to axel

Problemo!, I dont know what to do to get the SS ticket stamped, I talked to axel already in the vermillion city tower but was too tired to hear what he said exactly to go to the orange islands... I've talked to both elm and oak and elm just wants to know if the egg hatched yet (already showed him) and oak just reviews my pokedex... i was wondering how do i get the ticket stamped because each person at the undersea express and in the tower do not tell me how at all --- beaten elite four twice, beaten red, have all 16 badges.... PLEASE HELP!
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