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    After finishing my Pokemon White Nuzlocke, I worked up the courage to restart my Pokemon Black. I transfered all of my important Pokemon (which is an entire Box .-.) to my Pokemon White. My journey will now begin.

    Though, the sole reason why I'm playing through Pokemon Black again is because every time I play a game, I always seem to speed right through it. I mean, sure that's fun and all, but where's the adventure? I mean, if I were to finish the game in a week, wouldn't the tale be just as short? In this exploration, I will go through the game capturing and training every Pokemon I catch. I mean, wasn't that what (the) Professor Juniper(s) wanted? Another reason why I'm restarting this tale is because my brother had the urge to play White (thus why I'm doing this run on Black)

    My brother wants to start this week, so that means I have to speed through the First Gym (ironic I know .-.) then I have to catch 30 POKEMON to transfer them so I can get my prized Pokemon.


    On the journey itself, I started and named myself Iago (my irl name). Cheren and Belle (NO BIANCA 4 U). My partner for this research-filled journey is Exterio the Snivy. He is a relaxed little snake, I think he's resting so when he becomes the emperor known as Serperior, his energy will be ready to be used.

    Snivy's name is based off of the Yugioh Card Naturia Exterio, the boss monster of the Naturia archetype.

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