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Considering that I've never even beaten the Elite Four in Kanto - at all - I would say that I'm most definitely not a purist. Even so, I enjoy many Pokemon from the older generations. Each generation have their ups-and-downs and I notice that, though it did take me a while to warm up to the fourth generation, and the fifth generation was okay, but not something I was hooked on for a long time. When I see purists who don't care about anything but the first generation, it bothers me. I'm fine with the purists that I least acknowledge that the other generations exist, and have favorites from other generations. However, they just favor the first generation more Like many things, it depends on the level of purism and how much they act on it depends on how much I'm bothered by it. I'm talking in more of a general level, than just a game level, as there are purists when it comes to the anime, and just the designs on the Pokemon as well.
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