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    Ultimate No Catch Challenge

    This was basically formed from a combination of ideas, namely to not catch Pokémon, and to make the game pretty damn hard (maybe not so for an expert, but for me at least). This challenge should be 100% possible, so don't give up! Currently I only have rules for this challenge on Red, Blue and Green, but don't fear, I will be altering the rules for GSC next, and then the other generations (excluding Gen 5 till I get a copy of Black).


    Start with Charmander
    No catching Pokémon - only recieve from in game events
    No buying items, including coins (safari zone allowed, as you need to go there for Surf and Gold Teeth, however, you can still not catch Pokémon there) The exception to this rule is a single evolution stone to be used on Eevee
    You must evolve every Pokémon as soon as it can evolve
    No glitching/cheats
    No trading
    You may only use 1 Pokémon in each Gym (Once you have started the first battle in a Gym with that Pokémon, you cannot switch it to another till you beat the Gym, unused Pokémon must be deposited into the PC)
    You may use your full team of 6 for the Elite Four
    Switching Pokémon during a battle is forbidden, you may only switch if your current fighter faints, so choose your leader wisely for each battle
    Once a Pokémon faints during an Elite Four challenge, it may not be revived till the end of the Elite Four challenge (either beating the champion or losing)
    Use of HM slaves is forbidden
    Avoid using the fast forward button, not necessary
    You are allowed to evolve your Pokémon, hence the exception in the no buying items rule allowing you to evolve your Eevee
    Use of Rare Candies is forbidden
    Use of Day Care is forbidden
    Flash is unable to be obtained, so plan accordingly

    Advanced Rules (For Ultimate Kanto Champion):

    Your party must all be within 3 levels of each other upon entering a new town, and challenging a Gym (your weakest Pokémon may only be 3 levels lower than your strongest)
    More rules coming soon (so you can't pick Advanced yet, but I plan on changing the starter rules, so anyone who beats it with the current rules will be an Ultimate Kanto Champion

    You should be able to obtain the following:

    Charmander, Omanyte/Kabuto, Hitmonchan/Hitmonlee, Eevee, Lapras and Aerodactyl.

    As this will be everybodies team, it will be a judge of skill, rather than building a team that pwns whatever you are trying to fight (though that often requires skill too).

    Please choose whether you want Omanyte or Kabuto, and Hitmonchan or Hitmonlee before you start.

    Entry form:

    Game: (Red, Blue, Green)
    Character Name:
    Rival Name:
    Fossil Choice:
    Hitmon Choice:
    Eeveelution: (Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, None)

    My Entry Form:

    Username: I-Like-Shiny-Pichu
    Game: Green (English)
    Character Name: Red
    Rival Name: Green
    Fossil Choice: Kabuto
    Hitmon Choice: Hitmonlee
    Eeveelution: None/Jolteon (I will decide later)

    I-Like-Shiny-Pichu - Green
    Dave_ - Blue
    Togetic997 - Red
    Wolfe - Blue
    DarkChibimon - Blue
    Fallentheangel - Green
    RedViper1990 - Red
    Terrible_Hydra - Blue
    Ash&pikachuarethebest - Red
    Sophie1120 - FireRed

    None yet

    Ultimate Chapions:
    Mick Fizz - Red - End Time 36:38
    InfernoRogue - Red - End Time 36:14
    Pokepokemo - Red - End Time 118:20
    J1KTheGamer - Red - End Time 30:24


    Threw this together pretty quickly with a generator I found online:

    - the code to put it in your sig is below (please use the code, don't just put the image in your sig)

    Remove the stars to use

    When you finish please post a screenshot (or photo if you are using a console) of your end time. You are of course welcome to post screenshots of your team or whatever throughout the challenge.

    You are welcome to post YouTube videos if you want (NOT A REQUIREMENT, AS IT IS STATED IN THE RULES THAT YOU CANNOT MAKE A CHALLENGE REQUIRING CHALLENGERS TO POST VIDEOS OF THEIR PROGRESS). I will be participating (What fun would it be otherwise?). Note, if you do post videos, please enclose them in spoiler tags, as to do otherwise would be advertising your channel, which is against forum rules.



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