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Originally Posted by Mew~ View Post
Not much to go off? It's great to see we've gotten to Mistralton already, I'm quite happy actually. :D And judging by the title, Cilan challenging it too? AWESOME! I might have something to do with Type advantage, maybe Cilan already knows Skyla. I wouldn't be suprised if Cilan was a plane connoisseur. I'd like more Iris development tbh.
In terms of info at the point I posted this last night. Great in terms of? That maybe we can an extensive post Unova arc? Cilan has no flying types, so maybe he barrows Ash Tranquill. Unless it's like Battle Subway and it's on top of a plane. Cilan gets everything poor Iris )=.

Originally Posted by Jorah View Post
It sorta reminds me of Dawn vs Maylene, if only because one of the main/supporting characters are battling a gym leader. I enjoyed Cilan vs Chilli, buut that seemed more about the brothers, so I'll be looking forward to Cilan vs Skyla. I'm interested in why he wants to battle her in particular, though.

As he is already a train connoisseur, he may as well just call himself a public transportation connoisseur XD But yes, I would like more Iris development, too. I can't decide if they're waiting to bring in something epic regarding the 8th gym, or are just plain ignoring her.
Yeah Cilan vs. Chilli didn't have the gym leader vs. gym leader tone. Maybe similar to Roark vs. Byron?. Maybe she will get some development between here at Icirrus.

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