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@Dragonkat: That's... a /really long time/. If you plan to enjoy your stay here, I recommend you make more than once a week's worth of time to post. o_o;

Also, my characters are preoccupied. @w@ I'm sure someone else will take the job if you have some patience.

@Everyone: The main page has been updated with new members. Nideous was dropped due to informed inactivity. I'll probably be dropping a few others after I go over the list more in depth this time.

EDIT: DeathGodKyo was dropped for inactivity. Tauros14 was dropped for inactivity. Cutiecasie was dropped for inactivity. PokeGirlJade was dropped for inactivity. Adder_Panda was dropped for innactivity.

Er... yeah. That was mostly the holidays right there. |P Had to send out warnings before I started dropping people. So yeah. I'll send out a warning a good week before I actually drop anyone, so you've no fear of being randomly dropped.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~