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Originally Posted by KH Fan Bixran View Post
actually, they do!!!
link to thread:

wants to haves it!!!!


As we all know(i think...xD), this is a widely argued topic.

Yesterday, however, this came to mind:
When Master Xehanort (old man) transferred his heart to terra, he left his old body behind. Now, for those who know how a nobody is created, what could this mean? Simple; The Mysterious Figure is old Master Xehanort's nobody!!!
Correct me if im wrong, but I find this to be a very solid theory.
Well, I wouldn't say you're wrong, and actually, what I'm about to say probably supports your theory.

Xehanort did indeed have both a Nobody and a Heartless. The Heartless is my namesake, Ansem. The Nobody is Xemnas, which explains the similarities in his appearance to Xehanort. Both Xemnas and the Mysterious Figure wield etheral blades. Which is why I support your theory.