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The old thread had a nice run, but may as well end it there and get a fresh start.

Anyways, as the title implies, this is a thread where you can design your own cards. Feel free to design your own archetypes as well. Keep in mind that pretty much all the cards here are up for rating and criticism, specifically on something being overly broken. You can also make stats for non-tcgs, if you wish, though mention what game system you're making it for.

Anyways, when posting, be sure to include all relevant information. Here's a basic template for the two bigger card games here.

(Name of Card)
(Card Type: ie. trap, spell, continuous trap, etc.)

(Name of Card) (Cost: Use WGUBR for white, green, blue, black, and red respectively)
(Card type: i.e. Sorcery, Creature) (Card sub-type: i.e. Elf, Aura, etc.)
(Flavour Text)

EDIT: Sorry bout that, here's the previous thread