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Originally Posted by flubbateios
What is your favorite Hoenn Pokémon?
This choice isn't as tough as this kind of question usually is, but I still like a lot of the Pokémon.

As for the actual topic, mine would have to be Treecko. This choice isn't based on nostalgia, as my choices when choosing favourites usually are, because I lost my game after after 1 month and therefore I didn't get to play it that much, and to add to that, Treecko wasn't even my first starter. But the reason I like Treecko so much is mostly because of its awesome design. It's a bit hard to describe what I like so much about it, but Hoenn was the generation with the second worst Pokémon designs imo, and Treecko just stands so much with its magnificent design. I can easily relate Sceptile to Treecko since they look so much alike, but Grovyle looks so much different from the two.

Another thing that I like about Treecko is its attitude in the animé. The way it's acting and the way it often is posing, is that "look at me, I'm better than you" style, which is not shared by many of Ash's Pokémon and therefore gives it a rather different character than we usually see, though it may not be as likeable as some of Ash's other Pokémon's characteristics.

Originally Posted by flubbateios
What is your favorite game?
This one is kind of a tie between Ruby and Emerald in my case. The reason I'm saying Ruby and not Sapphire, is because it was my first and only generation 3 game. It's the one I have most of my few memories from the Hoenn region from and as a result of that one of my favourites.

Emerald is kind of given, as it has much nicer tiles and sprites R/S, and the sprites even had animations. The Battle Frontier instead of the Battle Tower was also something I like very much about it, and the fact that you could catch both Groudon and Kyogre, and either Latias and Latios were also things that made it one of my favourites.
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