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can i join? Hoenn is my favourite region!

NAME: hiinotama
PARDNER: Scott the Zigzagoon.
ACTIVE? 9. though i'm not very good at coming up with topics.

that's.. too hard. i like nearly all Hoenn pokémon, really. but that may be cause R/S were the first pokémon games i ever played (and replayed lots), so it's chock-full of nostalgia.
if i'd have to pick, it'd be between Sableye, Flygon, Gardevoir.. and a few others. XD;
i always like pokémon based almost completely off their design, so.. yeah.

honestly for me it's Sapphire, but that's simply because i liked it better than Ruby. i didn't play Emerald at all... maybe i'll do that when i have more time. c:

... also, i did the weekly test without looking anything up! meaning i guessed like half of it. not having played Emerald, i didn't even know which frontier brain it was.. XD;
-- i don't need promises.