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Name: Curious
Partner Pokemon: Swampert
Activity: I'll try and stay really active, I do have a lot on at the moment, so I think about a 6. (But could chaaange.)

Favourite Heonn Pokemon:
Either Mudkip or Swampert basically because I find mudkip to be extremely adorable when it comes to its looks but it was the first starter I ever used in a Gen III games so its pretty nostalgic. :> Swampert simply because of its devastating moveset if taught the right combinations of moves. (Waterfall + Ice punch + Protect +Earthquake)

Favouite Game:
My Emerald because it was the only Gen II game I had I remember having so many good memories with the game, having caught and raised quite a few powerhouses (Swampert, Explous, Swellow, Altaria, ..) until it corrupted, then I threw it in the bin. B(

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