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    Name: Felix Talon

    Age: 12

    Gender: Male

    Dorm: Raikou Dorm

    Appearance: Felix has spiky silver hair and green eyes. He wears a red short-sleeved T-Shirt with a purple vest and Blue wrist bands. Also has light blue jeans and red sneakers.

    Personality: Felix doesn't like to do any kind of work, even if its to help himself. However, this does not conflict with his ambitions whatsoever. No matter how the odds are stacked against him, he'll still try his hardest to win in a battle even though he has horrible luck in almost in each one. He also tries to never blame people for things, always trying to find the middle ground and find out why what happened, happened.

    Felix grew up in Johto in the town Cherrygrove City. He lived there his whole life up to this point with his Mom, Dad and Sister. His dad used to be a trainer but settled down and became a fisherman. During Felix's childhood, his dad usually took him out to sea with him and secretly helped him train to also be a trainer. He had to do this because Felix's mom wanted her son to do something more profitable, even though she herself was a coordinator. However she soon gave up on that since it became obvious what his ambitions were. Soon she began to also help him and even went and gave him his first pokemon when he turned 10: Cyndaquil. Felix usually stayed at home but then saw a commercial for the academy on television when he was 11 years old. Since he saw then he began to train with his Cyndaquil vigorously to try and get accepted into the academy. For an entire year he trained and when he turned 12 he entered a applicant to tryout for the academy.

    Species: Cyndaquil
    Nickname: Flare
    Personality: Super hyper active. Cyndaquil can never stop moving, even his flames go wild every time he's released from his pokeball, mostly by his own will too.
    Lvl: 10
    1) Tackle
    2) Smokescreen
    3) Ember
    4) Overheat

    Species: Snorlax
    Nickname: Snoozer
    Personality: Very lazy. Snorlax doesn't do anything unless he's on the battle field, and even then he's a pain to get to actually fight since he's been trained by a coordinator for most of it's life. But when he gets into it, he can really wreck some havoc.
    Lvl: 20
    1) Tackle
    2) Defense Curl
    3) Rest
    4) Hyperbeam

    Species: Solosis
    Nickname: Sylo
    Personality: Easily scared by large foes. He doesn't usually like to fight often but when he knows Felix depends on him he'll go all out.
    Lvl: 5
    1) Psywave
    2) Reflect