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Originally Posted by mkirby View Post
Can anyone give me a hand in attempting to run some of the hacks on here? I attempt to run pokemon Sienna and Pokemon light platinum on visualboy advance, but i just end up getting an error saying that it is an unsupported file type, can anyone help me to figure out what is wrong, or tell me how they run the games so that i can copy them?
i dont know bout sienna though i knw about light platinum for that youll need a clean ruby rom go to google and type pokemon ruby v1.0 and download it

that site then youll need lunar ips
go to google and type lunar ips and click the second url

then ofcourse th lightt platinum file
then first open lunar ips and click create ips file and click on the light platinum file
then open it again and click on apply ips fie then simply click on the ips file of light platinum and then click on the ruby file then done ure ready to play.
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