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Originally Posted by Tsukimaru View Post
ohhh... rly? well then, i`ll continue my project and if something goes up, i`ll letcha know. thx ;)

hey, new issue :S i did everything and inserted the file, but when i try it, no sound is displayed :S there was a strange message when using the sseq converter saying (tempo is too fast). d u think that it is thte problem?
You can't just cut the MIDI from one game and paste it into another and have it work. You'll have to edit it using the DLS file from the game you plan to put it in.

Oh and be sure to use the new version of MIDI2SSEQ if you aren't already.
Originally Posted by CrystalStatic View Post
Whenever I try to download the Pack, it says "The item you are downloading is either unavailable to you or has just been deleted by the owner". Solutions? Please respond!
I don't think I've deleted it, but I plan to make a new Hack Pack as the one that there already is, is incredibly outdated since I have written the original tutorial quite a while ago. I plan to include all the new tools and any needed files to it.

I might get it together sometime soon, but I'm not sure when.
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