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    Name: Vivi "Magni" Zephyrus

    Age: 16

    Pokemon species: Riolu

    Gender: Male

    Job: Apprentice at a Dojo.

    Appearance: Vivi looks like your average Riolu if not a little taller and with slightly more defined muscles. Unlike most Riolus, Vivi stands at three meters tall instead of point seven meters and weighs a little bit more than the average Riolu. Another feature to this Riolu that's out of norm is that Vivi's fur is a deep crimson color due to permanent dye. Besides these aesthetic changes, the Riolu wears a pair of white pants. Nothing besides his fur adorns his chest. A silver chain necklace with the image of a Lucario hanging from the chain can be seen hanging from Vivi's neck.

    Personality: To summarize Vivi's character in the best way possible would be with the word odd. Dominique is a social butterfly. The Riolu loves to surround himself with people if only not to feel so isolated. Often times the boy will randomly switch subjects mid-conversation, jumping from one train of though to another and sometimes getting ran over by a train of thought. The boy is prone to dramatic freakouts if someone says something about him which he takes as an insult. Most of the time, the young teen is confident in his abilities but he can never quite shake that feeling that he's all alone in the world.

    Dominique is very excitable when it comes to a good fight and tends to over think his strategies. It's rather obvious that Vivi can go overboard at times about fighting. Even though the Riolu loves to talk and socialize, at times he can be insensitive to the feelings of others. He's not a mean person for that since he feels horrible when he says something insulting to another, even if it's the blunt truth. It's like his brain doesn't have a filter to what he says so his words can sometimes come out harsh and blunt.

    History: Vivi has lived a rather peace life in Tranquility Town. Vivi lived by himself with his father, a shiny Lucario, because his mother passed away two months after his egg hatched. His father owned a Dojo, which Vivi loved to visit every day, for fighting type pokemon to train up to their full potential. Besides the varied training sessions at the Dojo, Vivi's early years passed by uneventfully until when Vivi's seventh birthday arrived.

    By that time most baby Pokemon would of already evolved but Vivi stayed a Riolu. This worried his father for he didn't want his son to be inadequate to the other Fighting Types. When asked about why he never evolved, Vivi would just say that he didn't want to evolve till he mastered the use of Aura Sphere. Typically that level of mastery over Aura came when a Riolu evolved into a Lucario so to say that his dream to be unlike the ordinary Riolus wasn't a stretch to say the least.

    Throughout his childhood years, Vivi spent his days and nights training to reach his goal with his father silently watching over him. His father watched over the years as Vivi slowly got stronger and his fur got dyed a deep crimson. One night before his sixteenth birthday, Vivi had a breakthrough in his training. He actually managed to control Aura enough to form in his hands though he couldn't control it to it's full extent so the Aura spiraled in on itself. Vivi dubbed this new move the Aura Spiral.

    Moves: Swords Dance, Screech, Brick Break, Protect, and Aura Spiral.

    Aura Spiral: A move similar to that of aura sphere. Vivi came up with this move while trying to master Aura Sphere. What it is in essence is a ball of Aura formed between his hands. Vivi doesn't have strong control over this Aura so it elongates and spirals in on itself. Vivi then launches it at his opponent. In power it hits for less than that of Aura Sphere but does more damage than a move like Force Palm.

    RP Sample: Dominique, getting more and more impatient with simply watching the evening sky in an attempt to feel some sort of peace in the simple act, arched his back and sprung himself up onto his feet. He couldn't stand just lying there and doing absolutely nothing. It was completely boring. He had nothing against weather and this was indeed his favorite type of weather but he still couldn't help but to feel bored. He needed some sort of action to silence the boredom. Maybe a battle would be good?

    Dominique, glancing over at his sleeping Zorua, realized that he'd run into trouble if the opponent wanted to have more than just an one on one battle due to the simple fact that Zu was out like a rock. Kneeling down beside his sleeping pokemon, Dominique gently shook Zu's shoulders multiple times in an attempt to wake her up. While he had to admit that Zu looked peaceful sleeping curled up on her side almost as if she were resting on a cloud high above the rest of the world, Dominique needed her to be awake in order to have a proper battle.

    Turning back into her regular form, Zu practically jumped up in the air like a poptart coming out of the toaster only with none of the happiness that would be associated with eating a poptart. Glaring intently at and letting out a sharp cry of displeasure at her master, Zu faced her trainer. With a sharp cry, Zu sauntered off in a random direction like a cat precariously walking across a thin wire overlooking a city below. An aura, chilling Dominique down to the bone, of annoyance and anger seemed to flow off the little Zorua in waves almost as if she had used her strongest Dark Pulse.

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