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Alright for one; Allow me to Introduce my Trainers. There is Ace, Juan and Clara.

Ace is the flagship character (I usually name my character Ace if I'm going to just beat the game. He is usually used for Newer Pokemon Games. (He Usually takes the Fire Type)

Juan is a secondary Character (I use him after I've beaten the game with Ace, 9 times out of ten I just really want to play again so I name the trainer Juan. Juan is usually my Rival when that option is allowed. He usually takes the Grass Pokemon.

Clara (As seen in my sig) is my third character and I use her to beat the game, which includes the collection of all Pokemon, battle Tower ETC. When I use first created Clara it was after the Fire Red and Leaf Green series (I started with Juan in D &P) I like to believe that Clara starts her journey three years after Ace and is trying to overthrow him as Pokemon master. (Ace could be seen as Red). She Always takes the Water Pokemon.

Anyways, I finally defeated Blue and earned access to Mt.Silver after scaling the huge tower, Clara set her sights on dethroning "Ace" however she never made it past his level 88 Pikachu. Flying to the base of Mount Silver, she trains her Pokemon a bit more in anticipation for this epic rematch

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