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Originally Posted by Vladimir312 View Post
I'm super excited that you're making another hack so quickly. I immensely enjoyed snakewood for its unique qualities and I hope some of those will carry over to this hack. Good luck! Also, if I remember correctly, isn't keratin that stuff your fingernails are made of? How did you think of using that as a name?
How did I think of using keratin as a name? Uh... I have no idea. It doesn't have anything to do with the story. No, wait, it does. Keratin is weak in its individual fibres, but clusters together to form strong, tough strands. That's... uh... symbolic. Yeah. Totally.

Originally Posted by Barker View Post
I don't post very often, but I had to pop in and say this looks amazing, man. I've always wanted a different modern kind of hack. Everything sounds so great, honestly.

Keep up the awesome work, good luck!
Thanks. I appreciate the support. I'm ridiculously busy at the moment, but I'm trying to get back to Keratin as quickly as possible.

Originally Posted by Snakebyte View Post
Best of luck, man. I'm sure it'll be epic.
Epicness is a corollary of biscuits. There will be biscuits in this game. Ergo: this game will be epic.

Wait. My logic's a little off there, I think. Whatever; thanks for your support, anyway.

Originally Posted by ChaosJester083 View Post
I am kind of sad that you will be tuning down the insanity a bit mainly because it was my kind of humor and I have greatly enjoyed snakewood, but I am excited to see what you can do with this and everything so far looks promising so keep up the good work!
I'm trying not to remove too much insanity, but a slight loss is inevitable, because of all the planning that has to go into creating such a complicated story. Still, I'll do my best.

Originally Posted by Eelektross View Post
Oh my God
I log back into PC after an age
And I see
Snakewood was great, but this looks even better~
Oh my God
So excite
Wow. You certainly sound excited. I'm glad to hear it.

Originally Posted by Facelift View Post
Oh, Cutlerine. You're back!l
When I saw this I thought two things:
1. This is the guy who made Snakewood. Ergo, this will be amazingly insane amazing
2. How's he gonna live up the Snakewood?
For my sake, make this Killer Zen mode, and make it crazy.

The Meat Men can't be joined, I'm afraid, but you can certainly help them; they offer a range of subquests throughout the game.

If by Killer Zen mode you mean Spearow Hate You mode, then it is fairly crazy. It makes things harder, adds a whole lot of subquests that do bad things to you, and essentially puts in another story ending.

Originally Posted by chrunch View Post
So will you be reusing fakemon from Snakewood, or making completely new ones? I'm looking forward to this! :D
Some fakemon are from Snakewood, some are completely new. Some are also from my mini-hack, Pokémon Cangrejo - notably the Pokémon Professor Ork gives to you, if you choose to join him (it's a Glistenon). Hombone makes a return, only subtly different, as do Kenchira and Kenchukuo, though they're even rarer than before; there are a few others, but most of the fakemon here are new, like Linzay and Vyral. And many more besides.

Originally Posted by blazerj13 View Post
hey cuterline,could you add in miror b. or have a cameo of the deadly seven? also, loved snakewood, and that wasnt even planned out. cant wait till this one comes out! WANNA PLAY IT SOO BADLY NOW!!!!!
The Deadly Seven may have a cameo, but the role of recurring insane people will instead be fulfilled by the Fabulous Snowmen, who are neither fabulous nor snowmen. I think.

Originally Posted by Facelift View Post
Careful, man! Just cause of this question, he might give us a default starter of Hombone....*shudder*.
Hombone Hombone Hombone Hombone Homboooone!

There are some Hombone in this game, but they don't evolve as you might expect; I've included Hombone in every hack I've ever made, and they acquire new evolutions and new ways to evolve every time. This is no exception; if I've planned this right, there are about ten different final evolutions for Hombone.

Originally Posted by chrunch View Post
I'd prefer all new Pokemon this time, because it'll give the game an original feel to it. Nooooooooooo, not Hombone!
There are only a very few reused ones. 95% of the fakemon are completely new, although a lot of the Pokémon aren't fake. However, several old Pokémon have been adjusted slightly, to fit the new type system and so forth.

Originally Posted by Soul Saint View Post
After reading how the story and the features, I'm definitely going to play this. Wasn't too interested in Snakewood but I'll give it a shot some time this week. Can't wait to try out this one though!
I wouldn't give Snakewood a shot until I get the fixed version up - hopefully that'll be by next weekend.

Originally Posted by Mr. X View Post
2012 HOTY right here.

Or a very close 2nd. Just depends on what other hacks show up this year.
You think so? I'm touched. Thanks so much!

It seems I have a lot to live up to. Better get to work...


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