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Originally Posted by Montgomery View Post
I saw some fans from Barcelona holding boards that say "Barcelona beat Spain". I was seriously dumbfounded. I am aware of the whole Catalan independence, but taking this into this game seems a little irrelevant. Does it convey a political message, or do the Catalans suffer from superiority complex?
They kind of do, or at least a sizeable amount of them. It's a running gag in clásicos though, Madrid supporters chant "**** Barça and **** Catalonia", and Catalans chant "Catalonia is not Spain" or derivatives.

Also the referee was the most hideous thing ever. He could have sent off four people (Lass before half-time, he booked Casillas instead ¿?; Pepe, Alves and Busquets)... and instead sends off Ramos for god-knows-what. I just cannot understand it.

Madrid was fairly superior but Barcelona had an incredibly good aim. Now I wonder what would have happened if Madrid had played like this last week instead of gifting Barça the match. Will Mourinho ever learn, or will he keep his tactics until a desaster like this forces him to actually tell his players to -gasp- play football?
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