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    It's been 48 hours soooooo

    Dear diary, I have set foot on this wonderful Unova region. The Pokemon Professor of this region, Juniper, has gave me a wonderful starter. He is commonly known as Snivy or in some countries, Tsutarja, but to me he is my little Exterio. I met two wonderful people here aswell, Cheren and Bianca, who were about my age and also had Pokemon. We chit-chatted a bit and then proceeded to battle. Both of the battles I participated, I won. Cheren won his battle against Bianca aswell.

    Proceeding along I found two Pokemon to join my journey, Ceaser the Patrat and a small Lilipup who refuses to tell me his name. We traveled along until we found an adolescent named N. He talked about truth and ideals and then we battled. Cheren watched too. Afterwards, he looked at me and said that we would liberate his and everyones Pokemon. His Pokemon, Purrloin, wasn't too fond of it and wanted to have a trainer. N then asked him if that's what he really wanted and the cat nodded. He then gave me his Purrloin and I asked what was the cat's name. N, claiming he could speak the Pokemon toungue, said her name was Hayley.

    We walked about and fought Bianca, who's Oshawott was stronger than the last time, taking down my unnamed Lillipup in the process. Speaking of Lillipup, she had one aswell. Cheren then showed us the Gym, in which the three of us entered arguing on who would battle the Gym Leader first. To our luck, there were three Gym Leaders, each specializing in a different type.

    Of course, we would have to fight the one our starter was weak too. Though my friends and I had luck, as we recently met Fennel who gave us the C-Gear and a Pan-monkey respectivaly. She gave me Panpour, the monkey who specialized in water and used the moist tempeture to see, as it wasn't fond of using it's eyes.

    After some elemental brigades we beat the gym and obtained the first badge of our journey, the Trio Badge.

    Team up to this point: Exterio the Snivy, Ceaser the Patrat, A Lillipup who's name escapes me at the momment and Hayley the Panpour