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    Dear Journal,

    While I've had you since my journey began, I have yet to write anything till now. I'm sorry about all that; much of my journey is now coming to a close, so most of the interesting 'rising up the ranks' story is quite behind us. But here I am, sitting on a rock in front of the impressive building of the Pokémon League, thinking that I should probably keep a record of how my progression is going.

    If we take a few steps back, a few days ago, I just finished battling Drayden, beating him and his Pokémon for a Legend Badge. My Beartic really came in handy there. He did so well, helping me with this badge, it hurt me greatly when I put him back on the PC. I'm sure I will bring him back with me at some point in the future; but right now i'm looking at the Elite Four.

    I've been readying and studying for the upcoming battles. I've got some idea on the types I might want to use, but every one of my Pokémon are not ready yet. We are still weak in comparison, so I think instead of going head strong into these battles like I've done in the past on some of the badges, I will hold back, train some on Victory Road, and build everyone up. I might even look into adjusting my team some. Right now, I'm sticking with mainly my main group that I've traveled, with, but like I said earlier, I'm going to read up more on the types each Elite Four member uses, and see which Pokémon I have that could bring me an advantage.

    I might also spend some time while I'm training on Victory Road to try and capture a Deino. I saw one yesterday, but it was too evasive and left me empty handed. I'm not sure if I would use him or her on my main team, but I do know that it would help me with my Pokédex if I were to capture one.

    Anyway, before I end this entry, I'll post what my current team is. It's in no particular order, and like I said, I might be swapping things around before I finally go for the Elite Four in the next few days. We shall see.

    My current team consists of: Serperior, Scolipede, Carracosta, Reuniclus, Eelekrik, and Chandelure.

    So, I'll see you around. Hopefully I'll write something just before head into the Elite Four building, and I know I will have one when I'm done. I just hope everything goes well.

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