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Pokemon StarterKit VX Ace ~ By Crazyninjaguy


Welcome to the thread!
This is my new project. People on StormCross Studios (My Site) will have known about this for a while.
This project aims to bring Pokemon and VX Ace to the masses through scripting.

This kit is being made in the style of well, a mixture, and I intend to finish this one. I've already got a lot of support for this, and I hope you'll join me with RPG Maker VX Ace



Current Features

  • Full Experience Tables
  • Game_Pokemon class. Stores Pokemon Data in a script readable format.
  • Game_Move class. Stores the data for moves.
  • Game_MoveList class. Stores the data for a Pokemon's movelist.
  • Game_PokemonParty class. Very basic at the moment. Simply stores Pokemon in the party and the PC.
  • Game_Trainer class. Stores all information about the trainer.
  • Title Screen
  • Loading Screen (Continue function will come with saving)
  • Basic menu. The code is there, but the menu options lead nowhere.
  • Structure for a credits scene.
  • Map Name Fix. Allows the map name to display on the very first map.
  • Message System. Complete with Windowskin changer command.
  • Advanced textfile Compiler. This is purely for scripters. Will iterate through a set block size storing each line minus the data label into an array. Used currently for Pokemon and Moves.
  • Autotiles by Tsuka
  • Mouse Control (Mouse input system by Jet).
  • Title Screen.
  • Load Screen.

Release List

None as of yet.


Jet ~ Mouse System

Data Entry

FL .

Everyone at StormCross Studios

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