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    [win]Can I be a mod?[/win] xDXDXDXDXDXDXD

    By the way, could I request that theme painter one, I havn't made one but it looks cool.

    Did you know Ausaudriel has had 6,308 posts and 31 blog entries.

    Knock, Knock
    Who's There?
    Doctor Who?
    Thats my name!

    Arn't I humerous :L:L:L:L:L:L:L:L:L:L:L

    Here a fun fact: The Legend of Zelda was principally inspired by Shigeru Miyamoto's explorations as a young boy in the hillsides surrounding his childhood home in Sonobe, Japan where he ventured into forests with secluded lakes, caves, and rural villages. According to Miyamoto, one of his most memorable experiences was the discovery of a cave entrance in the middle of the woods. After some hesitation, he apprehensively entered the cave, and explored its depths with the aid of a lantern. Miyamoto has referred to the creation of the Zelda games as an attempt to bring to life a "miniature garden" for players to play with in each game of the series.

    Is this post too long? Oh I'm sorry you know what we girls are like.

    ROM Hacking was getting frustrating for me. I've now stopped productions and writing the game from scratch in HTML 5.

    That means it will be playable in the browser, and across multiple devices such as the iPod touch.