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Which of the Hoenn legendaries do you believe is the best and why?

This is probably one of the hardest choices for me, as there were 10 legendaries introduced in this generation and I just love all of them so much. I think I'm gonna split this up into three categories consisting of:

The Weather Trio (Groudon, Kyogre and Rayquaza)
The Regi Trio (kinda given, but Regirock, Registeel and Regice)
The last four Pokémon (Latias, Latios, Jirachi and Deoxys)

The Weather Trio is probably the hardest one for me to decide in, as they all three are really special and have some of my favourite legendary designs. The first time I ever saw one of the games was when one of my friends was playing his Sapphire, so the first of the third gen legendaries I ever got to see was naturally Kyogre. The design really appealed to me with all the marks and signs on its body, and the events you had to go through to obtain it was a lot better than the usual ones I'd seen in previous games, so I instantly fell in love.
The fact that a Water type Pokémon could use a move like Thunder was also really new to me, so the moves it learned was another thing that made me like it so much.
One more thing I remember was, that neither me nor my friends knew how in the world its name was pronounced, so we came up with a number of ridiculous ways on how to pronounce it. It wasn't untill one of my friends had seen the anime episode in which Kyogre were that we learned how to pronounce it.

But of course I'd have to see some of the other legendaries at one point and the next one was Groudon, after I had gotten my copy of Ruby. I was amazed because its design was a whole lot better than Kyogre's imo, and I liked the pattern of the marks a lot better than Kyogre's, so its design was most definitely a win in this situation.
The fact that it had so many advantages with its Fire/Ground dual type also played a role in my opinion on it, as it was the strongest Pokémon in my E4 team, and I ended up loving it even more than I ever liked Kyogre.

Oh, the memories I had with Rayquaza. The Sky Tower was the one thing that most of my friends had trouble with, and I was apparently the only one who ever succeeded in going through it, so whenever people got to that point in the game they'd come bugging me for help.
Anyways, Rayquaza is probably the Pokémon of the Weather Trio with the best design imo. The marks don't look as great as Groudon's, but there's something about the big, ferocious that I just really like.
Its movepool isn't bad either, in fact, I really like its moves, though it's one of those Pokémon I never got to learn that much about.
I didn't get to learn how to pronounce Rayquaza's name either, untill I learned some proper English.

In the end I'd have to list them like this for the memories and my personal opinion on them:

1. Groudon, for the best designed body marks and great typing with great moves and not to mention that it's the one I've had the most time with

2. Rayquaza, for the most badass and awesome design with great moves and great stats, while also being the most difficult and fun to catch.

3. Kyogre, for being the one I've had the least experiences with and the one whose design I like the least. Probs to the mark design and the Thunder move though.

The Regi Trio is another matter, though, as I never got to catch any of them on my own game, as I didn't get to know about them untill I had lost my game. One thing I know for certain is that they're extremely hard to catch, one thing that I really hated about them.
I really like how they were hidden inside caves in seemingly normal background tiles, and all the things you had to do to get them. I honestly don't remember how we found out, as neither me nor my friends knew any English at the time we played the games.
I don't really have that much to say about each of them individually, as I never got to know that much about them, though I'm still gonna give a list based on their designs.

1. Regice, because of its splendid design. I always pictured it as the leader of the 3 for some reason, but that's mostly based on its strenght.

2. Regirock, since its design is a bit more thought out than Registeel's, yet it's still not the best design.

3. Registeel, I honestly think they should've used a little more time on its design. It isn't bad, but compared to the other legendaries it isn't super good either.

Now, I put the last 4 together in one category, as I didn't want to make them 2 seperate with 2 in each, since I just think it wouldn't fit in and I'm just gonna put Latias and Latios together, as they're almost the same. Since 2 of them are event Pokémon and only one of the eons is accessible in each game (except Emerald, but then you'd also need something from an event), I'm not gonna be saying that much to each of them either.

Latios, the awesome big brother to Latias who sacrificed himself to save Altomare from getting flooded by a tsunami in the fifth Pokémon movie.
Latios is one of my favourite's of the 10 legendaries, based a lot on his heroic act in the movie, but also based on his super design. The same thing basically goes to Latias, as their designs are mostly the same, though I picture Latias as the cuter one of them.

I was totally in love with Jirachi's design the first time I saw it, and I still like it very much. I also really liked its personality in Wish Maker, as the childish Pokémon personalities always have been my favourites. I also pictured Jirachi as the Mew of the third Generation, as I thought it resembled Mew much in both personality and appearance.

I actually never really liked Deoxys' design, I don't know why, but I just don't really like it. I guess it's meant to look a bit weird, as it is a space Pokémon and we all know that everything coming from space looks weird. Destiny Deoxys is one of the movies I have yet to see, so I don't have anything to say about the movie, though I imagine it's pretty good. As far as roles go, I pictured Deoxys as the Mewtwo of the third generation, simply because I thought it fitted Deoxys.

1. Jirachi, mostly because of its personality in the movie, as it was one of the things I liked so much, but also because I like its design and a lot because of its cuteness.

2. Latias/Latios, because of their great concept. Their sibling relation was something really original to Pokémon and a concept that'd be hard to top.

3. Deoxys, because I don't really like its design and because I never really got to know it that much. This might change once I've seen the movie, but for now, this it how it is.
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