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    Firstly, sorry for the double post, but I felt I needed to bump the thread in order to notify others that a new thought has been posted.

    So I've been thinking about the Points and Gifts system and these are just a few things I've come up with. I've thought of four items; Potions, Bread, Elixir, and Swapper.

    Potions are as the name suggests; they let you heal and bring back Pokemon in your Pool that've fainted.

    Bread, as inspired by the Hunger Games series, allows you to extend your stay in the games. How? If your mentor sends you Bread, then it automatically activates. Until another player in the Games have been eliminated, you cannot be the target of a challenge/battle. In short, you are safe until someone is eliminated. Obviously certain circumstances bypass the effect of Bread, such as if only two players remain.

    Elixirs are essentially Potions and Bread all in one. In turn, this will mean that once a price is assigned, it will be much higher. In any case, Elixirs allow you to be defeated in a battle, but not be eliminated. In order for Elixirs to work, you must be in possession of one before a battle takes place. If you lose that battle, you may stay in the game. The person who defeated you cannot battle you again until either you or he/she battle another player. Like with Bread, certain circumstances bypass the effect of Elixirs, such as if only two players remain. It should be noted that any Pokemon who was apart of your team when you lost, are all unusable. The only exception to this rule is if all of your Pool are fainted. In that case, you may revive one single Pokemon.

    Finally, there is the Swapper. The Swapper will be described as a little device that can transfer Pokeballs. What this means is; if your mentor sends you a Swapper, you can trade one single Pokemon in your Pool, for an entirely new Pokemon. This allows you the element of surprise against opponents, especially if your original Pool was sent to their mentor at the beginning of the Games. I have not yet decided whether or not Swappers will cost more that Potions and Bread, or less.