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Oh no, I'm not one at all. I can't stand the purists. They rave and rant about all of the newer generations and how awesome the first is. I honestly don't like the first generation games very much. The only reason that they're in love with it all is because the feeling that their nostalgia gives them makes them feel better than their life makes them feel. They call the newest gen "the worst yet" saying nothing looks original. Really? No originality? What about Voltorb or Electrode? Their Pokedex entries even say that they're Pokeballs. Diglett? Dugtrio? Over designed? What about Rhyhorn? I agree that each generation has its ups and downs, but not so much to where I cant hate any of them. I loved them all, and always will. Being a fan of ONLY the first generation doesn't make you a Pokemon fan, it makes you a fan of nostalgia.
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